The aim of therapy is to treat emotional, behavioural and psychological problems. In the treatment, the psychologist helps the patient to reflect on their problems, finding new ways to face them. With this, the individual can promote deep changes in their way of thinking and significantly improve their life.



Acupuncture is an ancient therapy originating in China, which consists in the application of needles on specific points of the body to treat diseases and to promote health. These needles, when applied on some specific regions are able to treat several physical or emotional diseases such as sinusitis, asthma, migraine or arthritis for example, besides improving the immune system.



The Orthopaedic Specialty is the medical specialty that treats diseases and deformities of the bones, muscles, ligaments and also joints related to the locomotor system.



Physiatry is a medical specialty which deals with the diagnosis and therapy of different entities such as those following traumatic pathologies, central and peripheral nervous system injuries, orthopaedic, cardio-respiratory, rheumatologic, peripheral vascular and pediatric pathologies among others. Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine applies different therapeutic strategies that prevent or reduce the multiple clinical consequences of acute and chronic diseases, within the scope of disabilities and handicaps.

Physiotherapist doing back massage to her patient in medical office


Osteopathy is a treatment which emerged in the USA, whose creator was Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917), who presented the principles of this natural therapy. It is a system of assessment and treatment, with its own methodology and philosophy, which aims to restore the function of structures and body systems, acting through manual intervention on the tissues (joints, muscles, fascia, ligaments, capsules, viscera, nervous, vascular and lymphatic tissue). Osteopathy is based on a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology. The validity of Osteopathy is so concrete that it is recommended and encouraged by WHO (World Health Organization) as a health practice.


The Albufisio Physiotherapy Clinic of Albufeira, located in Albufeira, has been operating since 1988, being a pioneer in the area of physiotherapy in the county.

Schedule: Monday to Friday

09:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 19:00

09:00 to 19:00



Quinta do Infante
Rua Joaquim Agostinho, Lote 1 Loja B
8200-3177 Albufeira

GPS: 37.100459, -8.239705



Urb. Alto dos Caliços
Rua Dr. Nuno Vieira – Lt. P2, Fracção A
8200-667 Albufeira

GPS: 37.099171, -8.255902

Clínica de Fisioterapia de Albufeira, Lda. | NIF: 502 119 713 | Registered at the CRCF of Albufeira under no. 696/89310
Registered with ERS (Health Regulatory Authority) under no. 17327 - Operating Licence no. 6811

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